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Resilience to health problems and DRM in the Amazon and northern border of Ecuador

The Ecuador program in 2021, in the case of RIOS, worked on 3 important axes: Community health, DRM and organizational strengthening. Within the health issue, it has initiated pilot projects for sustainable gardens and water solution projects.

The main strategies to carry out the issues are community surveillance, IEC processes in health, strengthening skills for young people's lives; innovation projects for water solutions for consumption, strategies to activate the CCGRD and the transition and closure plans are about to start with the partners to carry out an orderly process of closing operations.  

An additional budget was executed to meet the most important needs of COVID-19, which made it possible to vaccinate a large part of the population located in areas of difficult access. Since March, an emergency project has been in operation in response to the floods generated in the Canton of Rioverde (Province of Esmeraldas). 

With all these actions, more than 45,000 people have been benefited with actions related to the project.

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