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Our history...

RIOS Association, INTERNATIONAL NETWORK OF HEALTH ORGANIZATIONS, arrives in Ecuador in March 1987 to contribute to the response to the consequences of the earthquake that affected the Amazon .


After this experience, a group of professionals and volunteers related to the Swiss Red Cross joined forces to implement actions within the field of community health in Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay.


Since the beginning of its activities in Ecuador, RIOS NGO has accompanied indigenous and community representation organizations to improve their technical, social and leadership skills, allowing them to actively participate in the implementation of public health programs and policies. risk management with various public and private actors.


RIOS has been working in the Ecuadorian Amazon, province of Orellana (formerly Napo) for 30 years with the Kichwa nationality . And en  Tiwino province of Orellana, for 19 years with the Waorani nationality.


We are also in Rioverde province of Esmeraldas for 12 years working with the Afro-Ecuadorian ethnic group.


  We have been in Chical, Carchi Province for 1 year with the Awá nationality.

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