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Improvement of vaccination rates against Covid-19 in Indigenous territories and Border areas of the Amazon region.

The project achieved its objective of increasing vaccination coverage against COVID-19 and the regular scheme in the territories of peoples and nationalities in the Amazon Region of Ecuador with Peru. Differentiated strategies adapted to particular contexts were implemented, improving access to health services with intercultural relevance.  The joint effort between the Ministry of Health, Sapara Nationality of Ecuador NASE and RIOS reached the immunization of 412 people in a total population of approximately 1,427.


The operation of the project involved three levels, with strong coordination between the GIZ, ACTO, National Directorate of Intercultural Health MSP, Health District MSP, RIOS and the Sápara Nationality of Ecuador:


a) In the Ecuadorian Amazon, 252 people were trained in an intercultural approach, vital for increasing vaccination coverage.

b) In the province of Pastaza, bordering Peru, 23 communities of the Sápara Nationality benefited. 30 community leaders were strengthened in health promotion, prioritizing groups such as children under 5 years of age, pregnant women, the elderly and people with disabilities.

The work was essential for remote, hard-to-reach communities, resulting in raising awareness of 1,427 people about vaccination.

c) At the community level, two health posts were equipped in Wiririma and Conambo. These spaces, built by the communities, have cold chain equipment to guarantee the proper conservation of the vaccines. The constructions were possible thanks to the active collaboration of the communities, who made carpentry pieces and worked on adapting the areas for the health posts.


Health District 16D01 assumed a crucial role, guiding all efforts for the continuity of actions.  

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